Principles of Partnership: The York Baptist Association is not as much a denominational entity, as it is, a missional organization designed to assist our churches in the most important work on earth. Therefore, we encourage and expect our member churches to intentionally work together by practicing the following Principles of Partnership.

The Principle of Association: The recognition that we are part of an organization of churches that are on mission together. Recognizing that our church is not alone, it is part of a family that is working together. This principle should result in a willingness to help shape the effectiveness of and participate within the associational structure and mission.

The Principle of Cooperation: The commitment to support the mission strategies of the York Baptist Association by sharing our resources in our joint effort to fulfill the Great Commission within the missional footprint of the York Baptist Association and beyond. This principle should result in a regular financial contribution to the York Baptist Association. We ask for a contribution of 3% of your church budget, some churches give more and some less. The principle calls for a regular contribution and a willingness to share other resources in our missional effort.

The Principle of Collaboration: The active participation with our sister churches in organized efforts that will strengthen each church and result in advancing the Kingdom of God locally and globally. This principle should result in on going networking efforts with other churches in the York Baptist Association that fulfill the Great Commission.