Developing Yourself as a Leader Who leads Leaders

Every leader needs a counselor, a mentor, and a coach. A counselor will help him come to terms with his emotional baggage, that residual effect from “the sins of his fathers” or his own poor choices from earlier days. A mentor will model effective leadership and share his wisdom allowing the leader to avoid many mistakes and hone his skills for more effective results. A coach will help him discover his innate strengths and envision his preferred future by asking the right questions in the right way that will help him move from where he is to where he wants to go. As a trained Leadership Consultant and Certified Christian Life Coach, Mike O’Dell will be happy to help you customize your own leadership development plan.  More…

Developing Multiplying Disciples

True discipleship begins even before the point of conversion when the seeker hears the Good News in an appealing, non-threatening environment. Then, as the new convert learns the fundamental practices of being a Christ Follower, begins quickly to share with family and friends. The Disciple Cycle Small Group process will enable you to discover “the person of peace”, invite him and his network to share in a non-threatening conversation in the context of Bible stories and over a period of weeks lead them to Christ and teach them how to be a Christ Follower and Disciple multiplyer. Contact the YBA staff for information about the next Disciple Cycle training.

Developing Multiplying Group Leaders

True Biblical multiplication usually happens as the result of leaders who gather groups and then cultivate leaders that gather groups. Effective group leadership requires the leader to understand group dynamics and becoming an effective group multiplier requires the leader to be able to identify and cultivate future group leaders. The Immersion Process is a proven method of group leader training. Contact the YBA staff for more information about this training.

Developing Generous Christ Followers

Biblical Stewardship is more about generosity than about tithing! Growing Christ Followers will become generous as they learn to live Gospel-centered lives. The YBA staff have resources and practical tools that will help you teach, train and mentor your church members in generous living. 

Developing Deacons and/or Elders as Ministry Partners

Successful Pastors have invested heavily in relationships with their Deacons and/or Elders and have mastered the skills of leadership development among these fellow servants. The YBA staff can assist you in developing your own plan for relationship building and leadership development. 

Developing Missionary Strategists

The “Missional” effectiveness of any church is only limited by the number of church members who are Missionary Strategists! A Missionary Strategist is a disciple that has a burden or passion for a particular group of people in your mission field and seeks to implement an intentional outreach to those people. The identified people could be a language or ethnic group, an age group, a particular neighborhood or an affinity group like a school, a professional group, a service group or a leisure group, etc. The YBA staff can provide training for anyone in your church that has that kind of interest. We can provide them with information about their identified group, train them in developing a strategy and enlisting others with the same interest in reaching their group. We can also help you develop your Acts 1:8 Strategy Team that will then be able to develop and train other Missionary Strategists in your church. 

Developing Leadership Structures and Processes that Produce Kingdom Results

Just as a human body will only grow as large and strong as the skeletal frame it is blessed with, so the local “body of Believers”is limited by the leadership structures it is built on. Leadership structures are defined by the church in its Bylaws and Policies and Procedures. Often these documents are outdated and have been amended over the years to control the body rather than free it to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit. The YBA staff can provide your church with “wise counsel,” as well as, useful tools and suggested procedures for discovering the structures and processes that God wants you to have at this point and time in your journey.