The York Baptist Association’s Core Values are:

  • The experience of God’s presence in everyday life. We believe God calls each person to an intimate and personal relationship with Him.
  • The power of the Holy Spirit within the life of the believer and the body of Christ. We believe the practical application of God’s love through acts of caring and sharing can only be empowered by the Holy
  • The authority of the Word of God. What the Bible teaches takes precedence over church traditions, contemporary culture, or human
  • The expansion of God’s Kingdom in our community. We believe evangelism, starting new churches and multiple community ministries are the methods used to carry out the Great Commandment and the Great
  • Cooperative ministry in local and global missions. We believe in a cooperative spirit with other churches of like faith and practice in our association, in our state, and in our nation to carry out the Great Commandment and the Great
  • We believe churches operating as a unified community of servants sharing their spiritual gifts best fulfills the Great Commission.
  • Intentional discipleship. We believe that the primary task of the church is the development of a process that converts pre-Christians to faith in Jesus Christ and intentionally develops them into mature disciples who walk in a daily relationship with Jesus resulting in more converts and
  • The cooperation of our association with other evangelical denominations and churches in promotion of social justice, morality and racial
  • The challenge and responsibility God has provided for us to share a Kingdom vision with surrounding associations in South Carolina and North Carolina as a result of our strategic location as part of the metropolitan Charlotte
  • The freedom of worship, the autonomy and diversity of local churches as they follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit in their worship experience. While proven techniques should not be discarded, we encourage the latest in technology to be used in communicating the gospel. We welcome creativity and innovation in order to be more effective in ministry.

    To read about our doctrine and beliefs as Southern Baptists, you can read the SBC Baptist Faith and Message page HERE or download a copy here: Baptist Faith and Message 2015.