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The York Baptist Association is happy to host the Immersion Experience on Friday evening and Saturday morning May 5-6 at West End Baptist Church on McConnells Highway in Rock Hill.

Immersion is designed to give participants the experience of highly relational small groups that are designed to make disciples that make disciples. Pastors are encouraged to bring key leaders with them to this training. You will experience what is different about small groups, how to make them highly relational and the intentional strategy for making disciples that make disciples. By experiencing this process together you are better prepared to introduce this to your church.

“Jesus didn’t die on the cross so we’d have a Sunday morning hobby!” The 21st Century Church right is losing ground when it comes to true discipleship. We need to make a shift from a focus on and measurement of the amount of butts in the pews, bucks in the budget, and buildings we have and focus on what Jesus demonstrated: relational discipleship.

Instead of imagining the church as a landing zone, we need to consider it a launching pad. We’re not here to build bigger churches, we’re here to make disciples who grow into the image of Jesus Christ. So, we need to ask ourselves – are people’s lives being transformed? And do we know how to measure spiritual maturity the way Jesus measures it. Disciples make disciples. That is what Jesus did and on the day of Pentecost, His disciples began a movement that changed the world.

Immersion is an experience into relational discipleship that has the potential to start a movement in your church. It exposes you and your members to key components of creating an environment for making disciples and disciples of Jesus Christ have a heart for the lost, a passion for being an active part of the body of Christ, a thirst for knowing more of God through His Word, and a desire to worship God in the context of community. Immersion is an experience that opens the potential to transform lives that will transform your church that will transform the Kingdom.    Woody Oliver, Pastor


Want to attend? Register here… $10.00 per participant.